Hey, what is this?

This is a quick and simple site to download online videos, quick and for free! The videos you download aren't hosted by me, they are fetched directly from the video hosting webiste (for example YouTube or Vine)

Which websites are supported?

You can see a list of supported websites here.

New websites are constantly added and tested, so, if you're uncertain, just try pasting a link to your favorite site, it's likely that it works!!

Why is it called "Download Video Ninja"?

Well, first of all, the domain name wasn't taken... also, this service allows you to download online videos for free, quick and simple, without lots of overhead, working efficiently, like a ninja!

Developer? Want an API?

Yay, there's an API available now for you! Just check out DownloadAPI!

Who made this?

This website was created by @nilssonanders.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter for any questions/comments!