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Author: kcwalldecals Decorate your space
Length: 2m53s
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Description: This video depicts the process of installing a wall decal. Kcwalldecals make authentic wall decals from best international quality material. This is a brilliant composition with a meditating Shiva in the centre, surrounded by the 5 fundamental elements of the Universe. The wall should be smooth and dry, no textured wall. Wall paint should be of minimum good quality, any good brand is fine. Ex: Asian Paints, Nerolac. We will be installing a Panchamahabhoota composition on this wall. The decal of transfer paper. Even out the design with a squeegee. Do not worry if there are some wrinkles on the transfer paper. The design is safe between the base paper and transfer paper. Position the decal properly on the wall. Peel off the transfer paper. There can be different ways of doing this, you can do whichever way best suits you. We ship a small practice wall decal with each decal. For the enthusiastic home owner who wants to "create" out-of-the-world decor!

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